World's Perfect Athlete

World's Perfect Athlete 2016

WPA Danielle Piazza 2017-2018 World's Perfect Dancer

Our World's Perfect Dancer in the Miss Division for 2016-2017

KILEY HAWKINS 2016-2017 World's Perfect Cheerleader GC

Our Grand Champion in Cheer for 2016-2017.  We love you Kiley! 

Keiser University Spirit Program Partnering with WPA

Keiser University has partnered up with World's Perfect Athlete to give out scholarship opportunities to cheerleaders and dancers from all over the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

World's Perfect Cheerleader Miss 2015/2016-Karly Judkins

90 sec solo routine Karly performed to win World's Perfect Cheerleader Miss 2015-2016

Fun Fashion 2015-2016

WPA also has put together an opportunity to model, design, and style for a red carpet event, prom, polo, a evening out with friends! 

Come and compete to win one of these World's titles and also get discovered!