World's Perfect Athlete has awarded over $50,000 in Scholarships to their athletes!

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World's Perfect Athlete


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How To Enter

How To Enter

World's Perfect Athlete awards Cash & College Scholarships!

We are excited to showcase, highlight and reward young ladies and young men who truly embody the  meaning of athleticism. Never before have these athletes had the opportunity to compete in competitions that encompass talent, respect, good sportsmanship, AND the ability to model fashion. 

World´s Perfect Athlete is this type of competition and we hope YOU will be a part of this amazing, worthwhile, fun, and one of the most sought after titles in the WORLD! To get more information please call 

561-706-1544 or email


How To Enter

How To Enter

How To Enter

We do hold online and live events for a number of states, Canada, & Mexico. You must enter via video or live event in order to get a bid to come to our World's Competition. 

States without a formal director may enter via video entry or attend a Diamond Cheer & Dance Event  to receive a bid. 

For video entry, the athlete may provide solo routine-90 seconds max, or their team routine, or a combination of videos of the athlete in their respected sport. Please see the Video Entry tab for more information. At live events, you must perform a solo routine of 90 seconds max.

When you win a bid, that means that the at large entry fee of $425 is completely paid/waived. Each Athlete is responsible for the $175 ad page. The ad page will be published in our WPA program book, available for purchase at our event. 

You may enter at-large for $425 plus $175 ad fee. This means you would not to send in a video or go to a qualifying event. 

We will only be taking a total of 100 athletes. Space is limited and you must attain your spot now!



How To Enter


All of our athletes compete with a 90 second solo and will model in evening wear. This is a requirement for all titles and sports. 

There are athletic and modeling optionals that are available. Each optional are additional fees. 

To qualify for Grand Champion in each sport, you must enter specific optionals . 

Please refer to the each sport tab for complete details. 

We do not double crown in the same sport. Athletes may enter more than 1 sport. 

*There is absolutely no refunds. 

**Any unsportsmanlike conduct from the athlete, coaching staff, and/or parents will result in disqualification of the athlete. Decisions are final. All parties involved will be asked to leave and will not be invited back  to our competition. 

*** We do not double crown in the same sport. 

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