World's Perfect Twirler

Baton Twirling Levels

  • Novice
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Age Divisions

  • Tiny 3-6
  • Mini 6-8
  • Pre Teen 9-11
  • Jr. Teen 12-14
  • Teen 15-18
  • Miss/Mister 19+


Baton Twirlers vying for the World's titles will compete with a 90 sec solo (FREESTYLE SOLO DANCE TWIRL-1 Baton Only) and in evening gown/formal wear. 

You may enter At-Large for a $425 entry fee + $175 ad page fee. Qualification is not required for an At-Large Entry.

Athletes may get a bid to have the $425 entry fee waived by submitting a video, compete at a WPA sanctioned state event, or compete at a Diamond Cheer & Dance competition.  You must make 70% of your score sheet in order to receive a bid. Once you receive your bid, you are required to register, pay for your $50 WPA processing fee, and within 4 weeks of processing fee payment, the ad page fee of $175 will be due. This will secure title, your spot at the competition, and the state crown & sash will be sent to athlete at that time. Failure to make proper payments will result in loss of bid, title, and there will be no refunds under any circumstances. 

In addition, state titles, crowns, & sashes are property of WPA. If there is a breach of any kind concerning payment, behavior, and/or misrepresentation will result in losing the bid, title, crown, & sash. All will need to be returned to headquarters within 1 week of notification. Failure to comply will result in a penalty fee of $125. 

Athletes may compete in additional optionals for twirling & modeling for additional fees. 

Titles Awarded

The World's Division will award 4 titles in each age group.

  • World's Perfect Twirler (1st Place)
  • America's Perfect Twirler (2nd Place)
  • Diamond's Perfect Twirler (3rd Place)
  • Culture Unlimited Perfect Twirler (4th Place)

Baton Twirling Optionals

Here are twirling optionals you may compete in at World's Perfect Athlete. You do not need to have a bid to compete in any of our optionals. This part of the competition are additional fees. 

World's Perfect Twirler-Solo Only $50

This is an opportunity to perform the same solo you performed for the main title or to perform a show twirl or multiple baton routine. The routine can be no longer than 90 secs. Solo Only is a stand alone score. You do not need this optional to qualify for World's Perfect Twirler Grand Champion. Your level does need to be indicated on manual registration form.

World's Perfect Fancy Strutter $50 (required for Grand Champion) You must compete in Fancy Strutter to qualify for the Grand Champion Title. Your level does need to be indicated on manual registration form. Also please state if you will be doing an X Line or T Line.

World's Perfect Multi-Baton $50 (required for Grand Champion)

Timing starts with salute. Twirling begins with 1 baton, 30 seconds then you may add a 2nd baton, you may also add a 3rd and 4th baton depending on ability. 

  • Novice: 30 seconds - 2.00 minutes
  • Beginner: 1:30-2:00 minutes
  • Intermediate: 1:50-2:10 minutes
  • Advanced: 2:20-2:30 minutes

You must compete in Perfect Multi-Baton to qualify for the Grand Champion Title.  


World's Perfect Twirler-Duo/Trio $50

Compete in a routine with a teammate(s), any style, and all music. Routine must be 90 secs max, level must be stated, and age group is determined by the oldest athlete. This is a stand alone optional. 

World's Perfect Twirler-Freestyle/Rhymic Twirl $50

Routine must be 90 secs max & level must be stated. This is a stand alone optional. 

Most Spirited $25

This is an optional judged during your main solo. The judges are looking for the X-Factor, an amazing performance with high energy, great facials, etc. Most Spirited is a stand alone optional. We award winners in each age group, in each sport, and is not a required for Grand Champion. Must be indicated on manual form. 

Grand Champion

To Qualify for World's Perfect Twirler Grand Champion you must compete in the main solo, evening wear, Perfect Fancy Strutter, and Perfect Multi-Baton. Those scores are added together and the highest score will win this title no matter age or level. 

We do not double crown, meaning if you win Grand Champion, you will not win your age division. The first runner up in that age division will be bumped up to win. 

*There is absolutely no refunds. 

**Any unsportsmanlike conduct from the athlete, coaching staff, and/or parents will result in disqualification of the athlete. Decisions are final. All parties involved will be asked to leave and will not be invited back  to our competition.